The Quantlytica Top 3 Trading Volume (Q3TV) index offers an advanced approach to cryptocurrency investment, meticulously designed to serve both novice and experienced investors. Q3TV comprises the top three most traded volume pairs, selected through rigorous quantitative analysis to ensure robust market representation. Each component is equally weighted, providing balanced exposure to market dynamics.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Q3TV excels in market analysis and performance monitoring, enhancing the accuracy of market insights and empowering the index to adapt and evolve. Rebalancing occurs at fixed intervals, aligning the index with current trends, ensuring reliability for portfolio diversification with high-volume trading pairs.

More than a mere measure of market activity, the Q3TV index serves as a gateway to informed investment decisions. It blends technological sophistication with market insight, offering a dynamic and meticulously crafted instrument. Investors gain access to a tool designed to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency markets and capitalize on opportunities with precision.

Current Components of Q3TV Index:

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • Solana

Rebalancing Frequency:

  • Every 30 Days

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