We created Quantlytica to fill a void in DeFi participation, with the goal of being decentralized, fair, liquid, and scalable.

Our approach integrates robust governance and financial incentives, promoting active participation and alignment among all stakeholders. The QTLX token is central to this strategy, facilitating secure transactions and stabilizing the platform. This comprehensive framework aims to ensure that Quantlytica not only meets but advances the community's needs, driving growth and success in the DeFi space.

QTLX Token Distribution

Now more than ever, the significance of decentralized governance is evident, and we at Quantlytica take our responsibility seriously when it comes to distributing QTLX governance tokens. The QTLX Community remains our top priority.

We are excited to outline our plans for the distribution of QTLX governance tokens. As we continue to develop and expand, we will provide more detailed updates about new features. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we encourage you to share your thoughts via Twitter and Telegram.

The Big Picture

The total supply of QTLX is 100 million (100,000,000). Initially, QTLX tokens will be circulated only on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and one additional EVM chain, which is currently under discussion with a centralized exchange (CEX). The token distribution is as follows:


Seed Round


Angels and value-add investors.

20% @ TGE, 6 months cliff then 9 months linear vesting

Strategic Round


VCs and investors with strategic resources.

30% @ TGE, 3 months cliff then 9 months linear vesting

Private Sale


KOLs and small check size VCs

40% @ TGE, no cliff then 6 months linear vesting

Public Sale


IEO/ICO platforms that maximizes tractions.

50% @ TGE, then 3 months linear vesting

Team & Future Investors


Team, advisors and future value-add investors.

0% @ TGE, 12 month cliff then 20 months linear vesting

Liquidity Provision


Reserved for listing and market makers.

100% @ TGE



Reserved for ecosystem insurance.

0% @ TGE, 6 month cliff then 24 months linear vesting

Community Incentives


User incentive plans.

0% @ TGE, no cliff then 48 months linear vesting



To incentivize early contributors and users.

0% @ TGE, no cliff then 2 months linear vesting

A vital aspect of our operations at Quantlytica is that the community of QTLX holders collectively plays a crucial role in maintaining the security and integrity of the platform. This collaborative approach not only keeps the platform safe but also fosters continuous improvement. The community’s input is instrumental in creating enhancements, such as implementing bug bounties and developing new DeFi strategies for better yield maximization. This involvement ensures that our platform not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs and expectations of our users.

The Utility of QTLX

veQTLX is integral to the Quantlytica DAO and serves several key functions designed to reward liquidity contributors and engage long-term supporters in the governance of Quantlytica. veQTLX turns QTLX into a productive asset. It will have the same three main use cases as CRV - voting, staking, and boosting.

How veQTLX works

  1. Deposit 1 QTLX to receive 1 veQTLX.

  2. veQTLX is non-transferable and non-tradeable.

  3. Fee Distribution: veQTLX holders are entitled to a share up to 50% of the platform's revenue, further detailed in the Fee Collection & Distribution section

  4. Governance Participation: QTLX and veQTLX holders gain governance rights, influencing the evolution of platform features and making key decisions.

  5. Exclusive Access: Holders of QTLX and veQTLX enjoy access to premium features, including bespoke strategy design and advanced functions.

  6. Discounted Service Fee: Quantlytica's key fee structure is requiring user to purchase CREDIT first then kick start their journey. QTLX can be used to purchase CREDIT at discounted rates compared to USDT.

  7. API Usage: Our API is open to third parties, allowing them to access and use all Quantlytica's data without registration. QTLX can be used to purchase the number of requests at discounted rates compared to USDT.

  8. Fund Manager Reward: DeFi projects aiming to increase TVL or protocol usage must offer $QTLX tokens as rewards to incentivize participation.

Buyback & Burn

To enhance value for stakeholders and ensure the stability of the QTLX token, Quantlytica commits to using up to 20% of monthly revenue for a buyback and burn strategy. This will systematically reduce the QTLX token supply, potentially increasing its rarity and value. We will conduct these operations transparently, regularly updating our community on the process. This policy reflects our dedication to sound financial practices and our goal to develop a strong, sustainable ecosystem for Quantlytica users.

Future Utility in Phase 2

  1. Insurance: QTLX tokens provide an option to purchase insurance coverage for yield loss at reduced prices compared to traditional USDT payments. This benefit allows token holders to secure their investments on the Quantlytica platform, mitigating potential financial risks at a more affordable cost.

  2. Data Analytics Services: QTLX will also be accepted as payment for proprietary market analysis, data insights, and push notifications for both institutions and individuals.

Duo Token Design

To align incentives and maximize user engagement while minimizing QTLX token dilution, Quantlytica is introducing the 'Flyer Token' (symbol: FLY) as a complementary token system. Modeled after the 'miles and points' concept, the Flyer Token is designed to reward our most active users and contributors to the ecosystem.

Key Characteristics of Flyer Token (FLY):

  • Stable Value: Each FLY is pegged at a constant value of 1 USDT within the Quantlytica platform, ensuring reliability and stable utility.

  • Primary Usage: FLY tokens can be used to offset expenses related to subscription directly benefiting users by reducing out-of-pocket costs.

  • Non-Tradable: FLY tokens are exclusive to the Quantlytica platform; they cannot be transferred or traded on secondary markets.

  • Unlimited Supply: Although the supply of FLY is unlimited, its issuance and utility are meticulously managed to maintain ecological balance.

  • Multi-Chain: FLY Token will be available on every chain supported by the Quantlytica protocol. For example, if you earn incentives on Arbitrum, you receive FLY Tokens on Arbitrum, and similarly on Ethereum for contributions made there. Quantlytica will offer an official bridge for FLY Tokens to transfer between supported chains. This ensures users can enjoy seamless asset management and easily collect rewards across multiple chains safely and efficiently.

Ways to Acquire Flyer Tokens:

  • Referral Program: Users who invite new members to Quantlytica will earn FLY tokens, promoting community growth and active participation. More details can be found in the Referral Program section.

  • Bug Bounty and Contributions: Users who report bugs, suggest valuable enhancements, or design future strategies that benefit the platform will be rewarded with FLY tokens.

  • Volume-based Airdrops: High-volume traders on Quantlylica will periodically receive FLY token airdrops as an incentive for continued use of the platform and to offer savings on service costs.

  • Cross-Chain Bridge: Users can bridge their FLY tokens freely across any blockchain supported by Quantlytica using our official bridge. This feature provides flexibility and allows users to optimize their benefits according to their individual investment strategies.

In summary, the Flyer Token system is a strategic initiative to enhance user engagement and loyalty, while providing a sustainable mechanism to reward and appreciate our user base's active participation and contributions.

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