Fee Collection & Distribution

From its inception, Quantlytica has been committed to aligning the interests of platform contributors and governance participants. Moving forward, Quantlytica will distribute up to 50% of platform fees from subscriptions and other fee revenues across different chains' deployments to veQTLX token holders. To benefit from this fee distribution, QTLX holders must deposit their tokens in the voting escrow contract.

Monthly Distribution Schedule:

  • Calculation of Fees: The portion of fees each participant is eligible to receive is determined in real time. This calculation is based on the proportion of veQTLX tokens each user owns relative to the total amount of veQTLX on the platform.

  • Timing of Distributions: Although fees are generated across multiple chains, veQTLX tokens exist only on Arbitrum (and one other chain TBD). Quantlytica will bridge fees monthly, determining the portion of fees in real time, but distributing the final amounts to veQTLX holders at the end of the month based on the fees collected across different chains.

This structured approach ensures that the distribution of fees is transparent, timely, and equitable, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between Quantlytica and its community of token holders.

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