Referral Program (Future)

Invite friends and earn 30% rebate without tiers

At Quantlytica, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic community while providing tangible benefits to our committed supporters. Our Referral Program is meticulously crafted not only to expand our user base but also to fortify the network of trust and support among users utilizing multiple blockchain platforms. By participating, you play an integral role in promoting Quantlytica. In return, you receive rewards that bolster your own success and broaden your investment capabilities within our platform.

Program Overview

  • Personal Invite Code: Each member of Quantlytica receives a unique invite code. Share this code to invite new users to our platform, and become an ambassador for our expanding community.

  • Building Connections: When someone joins Quantlytica using your invite code, a permanent invite relationship is established. This links all their future activities to you, recognizing your contribution to their Quantlytica journey.

  • Cross-Chain Functionality: Our program is designed with multi-chain compatibility in mind, ensuring that whether your invitees register on Arbitrum, BNB, Polygon, or any other supported blockchain, the connections and rewards apply seamlessly. This flexibility and convenience underscore our commitment to user satisfaction.

  • Rewards and Incentives: We prioritize rewarding our community. Enjoy a 30% rebate on transactions made by your invitees. For instance, if an invitee spends 100 USDT on subscription, you will receive a rebate of 15 USDT and 15 FLY tokens.

  • Flexible Redemption: You can redeem your earned rewards on any blockchain supported by Quantlytica. This flexibility allows you to maximize your benefits in a manner that aligns with your investment strategy.

By engaging in the Quantlytica Referral Program, you help us build a stronger, more interconnected community. Your efforts to introduce new members are invaluable, and we are thrilled to reward you for each contribution to our collective growth. Join us in expanding our network and reap the benefits of being a pivotal part of our community.

Currently for Airdrop Event Only

Our referral program currently rewards participants with Referral EXP. As an inviter, you will earn 30% of your invitees' Task EXP as Referral EXP. The more people you invite and the more tasks they complete, the more points you will accumulate, leading to more airdrop rewards.

For more details, see the Earn Season page.

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