Earn Season 1 (Completed)

Welcome to Quantlytica Earn Season, a unique airdrop event designed to reward our community for active participation. This event will run from May 27th and includes both Testnet and Mainnet activities. Participants can earn Operation EXP on the Testnet and boost their rewards by staking assets on the Mainnet. The total reward pool is 3,000,000 $QTLX and 100% $BTR Airdrops!

About $BTR: https://medium.com/@Bitlayer/bitlayer-provides-20m-airdrop-for-dapp-leaderboard-competition-rewarding-ecosystem-projects-and-87ed3dc76b94

Event Rules

Event Structure

  • Testnet (Polygon and Bitlayer Testnet)

  • Mainnet (Bitlayer Mainnet)

    • Stake USDT, BTC, or ETH to earn Quantlytica EXP Booster NFTs.

    • The earlier you stake, the more NFTs you earn.

    • Staking on Mainnet is withdrawable once the airdrop event ends.

    • Quantlytica will collaborate with more projects and launch additional staking pools.

Task EXP on Testnet

  • Daily Tasks: Earn Task EXP by completing daily tasks on the Polygon and Bitlayer Testnets.

Boost Multiplier on Mainnet

  • Staking Rewards:

    • To simplify the process and help users become familiar with fund participation, you will need to stake in shares:

      • 50 USDT = 1 share

      • 0.0005 BTC = 1 share

      • 0.015 ETH = 1 share

      • 150,000 stCBD = 1 share

    • The staked principal will be 100% withdrawable once the earn season ends.

    • Each staking pool will proportionally distribute an additional amount of $QTLX among its participants. This amount will be claimable after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

      • USDT Pool: 200,000 $QTLX

      • BTC Pool: 200,000 $QTLX

      • ETH Pool: 200,000 $QTLX

      • stCBD Pool: 40,000 $QTLX + 25,000,000 $CBD

    • Stake USDT, BTC, or ETH to earn Quantlytica EXP Booster NFTs. The earlier you stake, the more NFTs you earn:

    DatesNFT per share

    May 27 - 31


    June 1 - 5


    June 6 - 10


    June 11 - 15


    June 16 - 20


    June 21 - 30


  • Staking EXP: Stake a minimum of 1000 USDT, 0.01 BTC, 0.3 ETH or 7,500,000 stCBD to earn an additional 500 Staking EXP. The maximum Staking EXP each user can earn is 1500.

Earn Season Referral Program

Earn an additional 30% of your invitee's Task EXP as Referral EXP.

  • Address Base: The invitation relationship is based on the EVM address.

  • Universal: The invitation relationship is universal. No matter where your invitee completes tasks, as long as they use the same EVM address, you will receive Referral EXP.

  • Exclusive to Task EXP: You will only earn Referral EXP when your invitees gather Task EXP. There is no rebate from your invitees' referrals or staking activities.

  • Permanent Relationship: Your invitation relationship will carry over to our official referral program in the future. If you wish to terminate or edit this relationship, you will need to raise a change request.

NFT Utilization and Snapshot

Users can mint their earned NFTs to participate in the Bitlayer ecosystem. Remember to keep these NFTs in your wallet on the snapshot date (to be announced) for the final EXP calculation.

Final Airdrop Points Calculation

(TaskEXP+ReferralEXP+StakingEXP)×f(1+UnmintedNFTamount+NFTamountinthewallet)(Task EXP+Referral EXP+Staking EXP)×f(1+Unminted NFT amount+NFT amount in the wallet)

Final Airdrop Calculation and Claim

The final $QTLX & $BTR airdrop amount for each participant will be based on their accumulated airdrop points. Each participant's share will be calculated relative to the total airdrop points accumulated by all participants. The claim will happen after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Monitoring and Compliance

The Quantlytica team will actively monitor for any wash trading or fraudulent activities. Participants found violating the terms will be disqualified from receiving rewards.

Terms and Conditions

The Quantlytica team reserves the right to modify, amend, or update the event rules and regulations at any time without prior notice, ensuring the program's integrity and fairness.

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